Getting a Certificate in Writing from the University of Cincinnati

Getting a Certificate in Writing from the University of Cincinnati

No matter what your job is, knowing how to write (and how to write well) is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. From emails to presentations, a basic understanding of writing makes the difference between professional and, well, not-so-much. Thankfully, the University of Cincinnati offers a writing certificate program to community members and students alike, increasing your employability and overall knowledge.

The only prerequisite for the writing certificate program is completing an English composition series, which is part of most associates and bachelor degrees at any University. The program itself consists of 12 credit hours, including the Professional Writing and Publication course (3 credit hours), and then 9 hours of electives. You can choose three of the following for the latter:

  • Student Newspaper Workshop
  • Creative Writing
  • Copyediting
  • Writing for Children and Teens
  • Journalism
  • Reading and Writing Autobiography
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Communications

Once you complete the program, you will not only increase your writing skills, but also have a great addition to your resume or portfolio. With a variety of course schedules and relatively descent pricing for such a well-known school, the University of Cincinnati writing certificate is a fantastic option for moving forward in your education and career.

The University of Cincinnati is an open admission campus accredited by the NCACS. With a main campus in Batavia, OH as well as Cincinnati, if you live in the area you are likely within a short commute to the classes you want to take.

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