Starting a Book Club in Cincinnati

Starting a Book Club in Cincinnati

Starting a book club is just about the same everywhere you go: with some planning and a whole lot of advertising, you can put together a group of people that can share and discuss everything from the classics to the hottest best sellers.

In most cases, it’s next to impossible to organize a book club from scratch. You’ll want to start with two to three people that you already know, as this is generally more attractive to potential members. Putting notices up on craigslist, or in your local paper advertising the book club is also a great idea.

While all of the normal advertising venues are good places to start, your local library may have some resources as well. Cincinnati, and the towns surrounding it, is well-known for its large and well-stocked public library system. Most will let you put up a notice on their bulletin board and website, and some even have a running book list that they can add your club to. This allows people seeking a book club to find one in their area by simply looking through the Library’s list.

Setting up a regular meeting time and ground rules for the club once you get a group together will generally determine whether or not your book club fails or flourishes. Deciding as a group how the club will be run, where and when it will meet, and how new members are found and invited in the beginning will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page (pun intended).

When it comes to a meeting place, many book clubs move between member’s houses. However, the city of Cincinnati has a host of restaurants, bistros and book stores that can make excellent spots to get together. The Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Madison Road sells an array of books and has a bistro inside the store that is well known for its wine selection (a perfect way to loosen up a conversation).

In the warmer months, you can host meetings outdoors at one of Cincinnati’s beautiful parks. The possibilities are endless, and the inspiration immeasurable. Just remember, the location you meet at will have a large impact on the tone and feel of your book club, so plan accordingly!