Book Club Reading List for March

Book Club Reading List for March

March has arrived, and for many people in the US the mass amounts of rain make it the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book. This month, there are three out there that should be at the top of your to-read list.

Defending Jacob: A Novel by William Landay

When assistant district attorney Andy Barber’s teenage son is charged with murdering a peer, Barber is faced with the dreaded task of protecting his child while being bombarded with incriminating evidence. Set in a small New England town, this drama surrounding a family crisis takes a cold, hard look at the nature of parents, children, and humanity as a whole. Award-winning author William Landay does not disappoint.

Kill Shot by Vince Flynn

For those who love government conspiracies, action and anything involving the CIA, bestselling author Vince Flynn has a gem for you. This story follows CIA agent Mitch Rapp as he works to avenge the slaughter of hundreds, only to put himself in a life-threatening situation of his own. When the CIA and US government abandon him, Rapp is left to fight for his life.

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

The award-winning, bestselling author who redefined vampires and witches is back to her old self with The Wolf Gift. After a foray into Christian literature, Anne Rice is now doing what she does best, creating an artistic, realistic and all-encompassing story surrounding werewolves. Set in present-day California, this adventure / love story / horror novel hits all the right places, and will having you reading well into the night. Probably with a light on.