April 2012

The Sea of Trolls

Nancy Farmer’s tall tale is one wild ride.

Fantasy lovers will lose themselves for hours in Nancy Farmer’s amazing novel about trolls, Viking sailors, and magic. The Sea of Trolls looks intimidating in its size, but don’t let that fool you; it can easily be finished in one sitting—one very enthralled, involved sitting!

It’s the story about a young man named Jack who lives with his peasant farming family in the British Isles. His life is rather unremarkable—in fact, painful at times, due to a father who doesn’t seem to like him much—until the local bard decides to make him his apprentice. Life soon becomes vivid and wonderful for Jack—until Viking sailors and berserkers from across the sea come to enslave and pillage his village. Soon Jack and his five year old sister are taken captive by these berserkers, leading them on a perilous adventure ripe with magic, suspense, mystery, and creatures.